The McDonald County 911 Center is located in Pineville, MO. We dispatch for 6 Police Depts., 10 Fire Departments, and 1 Ambulance Service over approximately 600 square miles.

911 averages 41,000 calls a year ranging from medical emergencies to disturbances and traffic stops. We have a dispatch team comprised of 2 dispatchers and 1 Shift Supervisor during a 12 hour shift 911 employs a dispatch team of 13 full time dispatchers.

Training is very important, in fact we require basic certifications for anyone that dispatches or answers an emergency phone. The certifications are Basic Dispatch APCO or ETC 24 hour classroom and exam, MULES certification 40 hour classroom and exam, EMD 24 hour classroom and exam, health care provider level CPR, and basic NIMS. There is an additional requirement of 452 in house training hours to be released from probation and training.

We provide ongoing training as well, multiple small classes help us keep our certifications current as most of these require renewal every two years as well as simply helping to keep skills sharp.

I would encourage everyone to come up and see the process in motion. Items include the blue road signs that you see are made and installed by 911, we assign the addresses, we maintain 7 radio tower locations with all of the equipment and backup power equipment, we maintain the call records as well as dispatch for all of the 10 Fire Depts., 6 Police Depts., the Sheriff’s Dept., and Freeman Ambulance, we enter and maintain the warrants, orders of protection, stolen property, and missing persons records that are entered into the Highway Patrol and NCIC databases as well as staying current on security and training requirements for these systems, we maintain an in house accounting department, maintain our own budgets and comply with all audits while maintaining our own meeting minutes and all of the business of the 911 Board of Directors, have implemented a notification system, and have established and maintain the testing of the storm sirens throughout the County.