McDonald County 911

McDonald County 911 is proud to introduce our Emergency Notification System. This system allows warnings to be provided to the residents of the county for possible impending dangers of storms, man-made events, or any incident that would endanger the Public’s life or property.

The system contacts residents through email, land line telephone, and cell phones, including the use of text messages, which is customizable to the user. This is a free service to all residents of McDonald County.

The ALERT system sends automatic warnings regarding severe weather such as tornado warnings, flooding, fire dangers, and winter weather. Information about missing children or warnings about criminal activity, or hazardous conditions that could affect the public safety are sent out directly from the 911 Dispatchers on duty to the residents so no miscommunication or duplication of messages may occur. We have optional messages such as highway closures, school dismissals, and other closure information, boil order or messages pertaining to residents of a particular city, or business to the residents of McDonald County by offering the use of the system to other Agencies and groups at no additional charge. This cooperation also allow sign up locations throughout the County. We would like to thank the below listed businesses and groups for their cooperation and assistance in spreading the news and helping the residents in signing up for the service:

City Hall of Lanagan          City Hall of Pineville      City Hall of Southwest City McDonald County Health Dept         McDonald County Senior Citizens Center             Murphy Farm and Lawn       The Beer Store and More           The Jane Store            Village of Jane      *City Hall of Goodman–By appointment       **McDonald County Clerk’s Office–Form pick up location must be mailed with payment to the 911 Center.

If your business or group would like to be a sign up location, or utilize the system for your own group communications, please contact Director Lisa McCool-Rataczak (417)223-4318. Forms and payment may be mailed to McDonald County 911 PO Box 338 Pineville, MO 64856